Faculty Directory

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Anderson, David

Instructor, Audio and Music Engineering
Lecturer, Instructor of Audio and Music Engineering of Audio and Music Engineering
417 CSB

Mark Bocko

Bocko, Mark

Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Technical Director, Center for Future Health
Affiliated Faculty, Eastman School of Music, Music Theory
Director, Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS)

Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-4879
518 CSB

Interests: Sensors and transducers; Low-noise electronics; High speed digital superconducting electronics; quantum coherent electronics and quantum noise; Microelectronic fabrication; Microwaves; Nonlinear dynamics; Digital signal processing; Musical acoustics; Digital audio

Zhiyao Duan

Duan, Zhiyao

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-5302
308 HPN

Interests: Computer Audition; Audio Signal Processing; Machine Learning; Music Information Retrieval

Zeljko Ignjatovic

Ignjatovic, Zeljko

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-3790
419 CSB

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LaVaque, Robert J.

Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
510 CSB

Ming-Lun Lee

Lee, Ming-Lun

Assistant Professor of Audio and Music Engineering | (585) 275-2120
510 Computer Studies Building

Interests: Audio Programming; Programming for Interactive Multi-media Performance; Audio Preservation; The Computational Analysis of Musical Performances and Recordings; Benjamin Britten’s Recorded Legacy; The Art of Classical Recording Production

Jack G. Mottley

Mottley, Jack G.

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Biomedical Engineering | (585) 275-4308
306 HPN

Interests: Nonlinear Physical Modeling of Organ Pipes; Understanding How Virtuoso Organists Elicit Different Sounds from a Pipe Organ Than Do Novices; Enhancing the Organ Practice Room to Emulate the Effects of Different Organs and Performance Spaces; Tactile Feedback (Haptics) of the Pipe Organ, Characterizing and Emulating the Feel of the Keyboard

Stephen Roessner

Roessner, Stephen

Lecturer, Instructor of Audio and Music Engineering | (585) 273-3862
511 Computer Studies Building

Interests: Psychoacoustics of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers; Audio Archival Preservation; Microphone Theory; Audio Recording and Engineering; Instrument Acoustics; Spectral Analysis of Modern Audio

David Temperley

Temperley, David

Associate Professor of Music Theory
409 ESM - Annex